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  23/11: Pepper has been to two shows with the following results: BOB-puppy + BIG-puppy3 and BIS-3 . Jugde at first show: Jens Myrman (SWE) and judge at second show: Monika Åkesson (SWE). Swedish Kennel Club IDS in Sundsvall in October: Lukas was 4th in best male and Nelson was BOB with CACIB !! =) Judge: Karl-Erik Johansson (SWE)

Welcome to Sweden Schimo's Feel It Still - Tove! Thank you Sölvi! =)

  30/9: Swedish Kennel Club Nordic DS in Högbo: Lukas won BOB . Judge: Åke Cronander (SWE)
Swedish Kennel Club NDS in Gimo: Lukas 2nd best male with CK . Judge: Ann-Christin Sultan (SWE)
Pepper on her 3rd open show in Vallentuna - Vallentuna BK - won BOB-puppy och BOG-3 puppy. Jugde: Andreas Lantz (SWE)

  28/8:  Pepper has entered the show rings: the 19th of August - Nedansiljans BK:s open show in Rättvik: BOB-puppy , BIG-1 puppy and BIS-4 puppy =) Judges: Märtha Brandts (SWE) and Cindy Pettersson (SWE). The 25th of August -   Norbergs Lokala KK:s open show in Norberg: BOB-puppy , BIG-1 puppy och BIS-2 puppy =) Judges: Susanne Swedjebrink (SWE) and Eva Jönsson (SWE)

Swedish Kennel Club nordic show in Märsta Lukas only got Excellent......... no comments needed....... Judge:

  7/7: Swedish Kennel Club national show in Alfta: Lukas BOS =) Judge: Charlott Sandberg (SWE)

Swedish Newfoundland Club specialty in Vännäs: Lukas 3rd best male. Judge: Nils Molin (SWE)

  14/6: Our beloved Gentle Giant, Martin, has gone over the rainbow bridge. The tears will not stop...........

  9/6: And now the puppies are borne and has moved to their new families - we whish them all the best =) But little Pepper will stay with us - see her page here =)
Albin has also moved to a new family - we miss him so much but we know he will be loved and spoiled rotten <3

Today at the Swedish Kennel Club national show in Leksand Lukas won BOB =) Judge: Zorica Blomqvist (SWE)
Two weeks ago at the Swedish Kennel Club Nordic dog show in Gimo Lukas was won the champion class with CK and was then placed 2nd in best dog. Judge: Johnny Andersson (SWE)

  4/2: We are planning puppies week 14 =) =) Se puppies.

On the 13th of January we showed at the Swedish Newfoundland Club specialty in Sollentuna: Lukas was 2nd in champion class and Nelson won the same with CK , was 3rd in best male and ended up 7th in the BIS =) =) Judge: Rob Douma (NL)

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